Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Rosy Cheeks, A Small and Photogenic Duck, and The Gulf That Lies Between Us All

Outfit Details:

Orange sari: thrifted

True Religion jeans: thrifted

Coat lining, worn as a coat: vintage, thrifted

Boots: thrifted

Bag: thrifted

Earrings, necklace: Les Arts Plastiques

“How small the gulf that lies between us all…” ~The Astonishing Life of Octavian Nothing

It’s enthralling, isn’t it, to think of how diverse our own minuscule and humble earth is? How many cultures and races and climates are contained in such a trim little glob of universe? I like to think of it as humanity’s way of dealing with the fact that we are all—those who have lived, those who live, and those who will live—gathered onto a single planet; if we’re going to have to share the world, we’ll make the tiny spot allotted to us as unique as it can be.

We are a world full of worlds.

You can board a plane, fly for several hours, and find yourself somewhere that makes you question whether your current location and wherever you originated from can both be considered “places,” so different is one from the other.

Think, for a moment, of all of the cultures that formed, ignorant of the fact that the earth was round and that similar sprouts of society were flourishing elsewhere on its surface. They all grew independently, unhampered by the ideas and ideals of their yet-undiscovered fellow civilizations. They found their own ways of living: they grew the crops that climate permitted, they built homes according to the materials they had at their disposal, they made their own music, wove their own cloth, spoke their own languages…and yet, no matter how many things set them apart from each other, there were inevitably just as many—if not more—things to draw parallels from.

Were people, once they began to become aware of just how broadly the horizon was set, awestruck by the fact that there were others, too, who called their children by name, who sang songs about the sky, who ate and drank as heartily, who saw things in color, who lisped and stuttered in their speech, even if their words were not understood? How would it be to discover that thousands upon thousands of people—past and present—have thought and saw and loved as you have, regardless of circumstance?

Yes, there is a gulf between every person who dwells or has dwelled or will dwell on our homey blue sphere. I won’t deny that…a chasm, no matter the size, is rather difficult to ignore.

But who says that bridges can’t be built, or leaps leapt, or wings fashioned?

A gulf practically exists to be crossed.

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